Beefeater’s son shares his Tower of London stories

The Tower of London is a tourist attraction to many but to others it’s their home address.

The likes of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I once called the tower home, however in modern times the Tower is home to numerous Yeomen Warders and their families.

Andrew Keohane, 50, is the son of Chief Yeoman Warder John Keohane MVO BEM who moved into the Tower of London in September 1991.

The title of Chief Yeoman Warder is achieved by few with only 18 positions being fulfilled today since 1914

Ways to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation in Kingston

The busy streets of London for King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday will not be to everyone’s taste but don’t worry, nobody has to miss out on any festivities as Kingston has an array of celebrations to join in on throughout the weekend.

Kingston Council, All Saints Church, Kingston Music Service and the Rose Theatre are organising a coronation parade that will gather at Ancient Market Place at 2:45pm on Sunday.

The parade includes a fanfare and a storytelling of Kingston’s royal past.


Pole dancing life drawing to support Kingston’s art space

Kingston artists and pole dancers have teamed up for a unique life drawing session in support of the area’s young creatives.

Not My Beautiful House, a community led shop, gallery and event area located in Kingston’s Market Square partnered with Pole Ninjas to create a unique experience that merges the worlds of drawing with pole dancing.

Pole Ninjas owner, Steph, created the business after a local studio asked her to take charge due to their closure leading her to jump at the opportunity given

Donate a device, change a life fundraiser in the works in Kingston

Kingston Council has paired with Genuine Solutions to create a way of raising funds for the Mayor’s Charitable Trust by recycling unwanted mobile devices from 1 to 31 March.

The scheme aims to recycle mobile devices which then can be data-wiped before being pressed for re-sale.

The Mobile Mop Up Scheme came into being following discussion between Former Mayor Margaret Thompson and Genuine Solutions.

It was first launched prior to the COVID lockdown and raised £4,750 for the Mayor’s Charitable

Peter Rabbit: Easter Adventure comes to Covent Garden

On 22 March Histrionic Productions welcomes its new immersive experience Peter Rabbit: Easter Experience in Covent Garden just in time for Easter.

The family friendly experience entails a mix of live performances to puppetry of everyone’s favourite Beatrix Potter characters such as Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny to the not so friendly Mr McGregor.

Audiences took on a 50-minute mission to help Beatrix on a mission to rescue Jemima Puddle-Duck from the clutches of Mr McGregor by searching for s

Kingston’s first Light Procession

Several people gathered together to commemorate Kingston’s candle making heritage.

MA Architecture student, Farah Anwar was the engineer of the procession which came to light due to her architecture course’s unit being titled ‘Dreams, Myths and Fairytales.’

With this is mind Anwar dived into Kingston’s past and unveiled the different lighting types in Kingston, in particular the history of the candle industry which thus began the ‘Legend of the Lamplighter.’

The procession started at Kingston

The Sims 4 sets the standard for inclusivity in the gaming sphere with upcoming update

The Sims 4 is adding an array of inclusive components to the game on its next free base game update on the 14 March including c-section scars, stretch marks and birthmarks.

This update comes not long after the previous one which introduced breast binders, shape wear and an option to give male sims a mastectomy scar to represent transgender identities.

Other people beginning to see themselves represented are the hearing impaired and diabetics through the use of a new hearing aid and a glucose m

Eurovision tickets go live: did anyone get one?

Tickets for the much-anticipated Eurovision Song Contest went live today at 1pm, however tickets were only available internationally via Ticketmaster.

Tickets ranged from £30 to £290 for the semi-finals, and £80 to £380 for the grand final shows.

Ticketmaster only allowed customers to purchase one show at a time which made it impossible to see multiple due to the waiting queues.

It got worse for people in a five person friend group with the ticket allowance being four tickets in one order for

World Book Day at jeopardy due to school strikes

Many children could miss out on World Book Day tomorrow, due to school strike action in London.

Tomorrow marks the 28th annual World Book Day celebrated internationally through fundraising, to dressing up as beloved book characters.

However, teachers across the capital will strike tomorrow as part of an ongoing pay dispute.

Despite the strike action, a World Book Day spokesperson has encouraged schools to hold events on a different day, as well as encouraging children to continue reading all

Review: London’s F1 Arcade arrives just in time for the 2023 season

Ahead of the Formula 1 2023 season this weekend, the F1 Arcade near St Paul’s Cathedral is the place to be.

The arcade has 60 full motion car racing simulators, big screen TV’s show casting the races, mini reaction games and a cocktail bar and kitchen.

The simulators cost £15.75 which can be booked as a team racing experience or head to head battle for smaller groups.

One booking entails around 20-30 minutes worth of racing which gives players around 4 races including fan favourite tracks suc

Pancake Day race gives people a flipping good time

The Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market held its annual pancake flipping race to commemorate Shrove Tuesday.

The race, held near Bank station, entailed a team of four relaying, but the lemon twist to this race is that while running the 20-metre cobbled course participants had to flip a pancake in their pan three times before passing the baton (pan) on.

Teams seemed to have an universal agreement to go with puns for their team names with names such as Crepe-tonite Warriors, For The Flip Of It and

Activist shares her story for Aromantic Awareness Week

Activist Yasmin Benoit all things aromantic to celebrate aromantic awareness week which takes place from 19-25 February.

Aromanticism is an umbrella term for people who generally do not feel any or have limited romantic attraction and feelings to others.

Yasmin Benoit is an aromantic and asexual activist who launched the UK’s first asexual rights initiative, the Stonewall x Yasmin Benoit Ace Project, and co-founded Asexuaility Day (6 April) alongside being a model and writer.

Benoit describes

A Valentine's Day experience for you and your dog in Twickenham

Dog owners in Twickenham can attend a mingling Valentine’s Day experience at Brewery Market tomorrow afternoon.

The Valentine’s Day experience, taking place from 2pm until 4pm, will see a selection of dog beers and wines on offer at the Twickenham location, as well as their own romantic photo booth.

Brewery Market owner Linda Birch said: “This event provides an opportunity for dog owners in the community to connect and spend time with each other and their pets, creating a sense of community an

Chatbots fail to satisfy customers according to global survey

A global survey by a leading sofware company has revealed that only 64% of people were satisfied when using chatbots.

Cyara, a company catering for over 300 leading global brands for their automated customer experiences, released Forrester Consulting’s new study, demonstrating how chatbots failed to meet customer satisfaction, conducted in November 2022.

The study collected 1,554 global customers who used sales and/or chatbots in the last six months about their recent experiences and expectati

Mario Kart tournament set to fundraise for youth homelessness

A Mario Kart Gaming Tournament will be taking place on 20 February from 6:30PM to 10:30PM at the Platform in Shoreditch to raise money for End Youth Homelessness (EYH).

EYH is a national movement of the leading youth homelessness charities that joined together to tackle the UK’s youth homelessness crisis.

They drive research, collaboration and funding to identify and scale interventions that transform the lives of those most vulnerable at the ages 16-to-25 years-old and in doing so support mor

Noughts & Crosses production ticks all the right boxes

Kingston’s Rose Theatre welcomed Pilot Theatre’s Noughts & Crosses production to the stage from 31 January to 11 February.

Noughts & Crosses was adapted to stage by Sabrina Manfouz after Malorie Blackman’s successful dystopian book series which also was adapted to TV by the BBC in 2020.

The production follows the first books story, Noughts & Crosses, which discuss prejudice, politics, romance, family and coming of age dilemmas alongside many other important issues that modern society face.


Chimps Are Family exhibition is coming to Kingston

Ten chimpanzee sculptures from a public exhibition: Chimps Are Family are heading to Kingston Upon Thames on January 27 from a previous residence near London Bridge.

Artists, Gillie and Marc Schattner, partnered with Kingston First, the UK’s first Business Improvement District, to bring these playful chimps to Kingston for the next six months.

The artists hope by putting wildlife front and centre in major cities across the world that the public see wildlife as family and as something worth pro
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